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Learning new skills in lock down

For many years I had visited a nail salon to keep my nails looking good, so a few weeks ago when I was looking at my short brittle nails, I decided to purchase items to do my own acrylic nails

I scoured videos of how to apply the products and last week I attempted my second set on my ever willing stepdaughter, (yes I need a little more practice) but she was over the moon with them and especially the colour changing gel varnish, It made her feel good and she was able to share this with her friends.

It is ever more important during these unprecedented times that we maintain our normal routines as much as possible and still continue to do the things that we enjoy and that makes us feel good, as well as keep our mind active and maintain our mental health and wellbeing. So I am determined that another few weeks of practice I will have mastered the technique and will have my lovely mails back!! (also when the lockdown is finished I will be able to apply my own nails so will save money too)

The point of sharing this story is to get you to think about what you could do whilst the lockdown is in place and what hidden talents could emerge, have we got any budding artists out there or maybe a jewelry maker, or a master baker !! there are lots of courses and free information on how to learn and develop new skills, So let’s support the people we serve to explore their hidden talents and maybe you may become inspired to do something different too.

Julie Parker


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