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Leadership Together

I was recently privileged to be a panel member for a number of excellent leadership management presentations. Without exception each presentation brought with it unique recognition of the purpose, value, focus, competencies and what Leadership and Management aims to achieve.

Each presentation was indeed so individual they were one of a kind. All shared extremely personal experiences and were very engaging. One example came from Carly Goodall, her presentation was summed up by one of her very talented poems, which she has given her permission to share with everyone. Which is Leadership Together...


Being a leader is not about having all the answers or everyone thinking your great!

It’s about guiding and listening, being open and honest being able to say I don’t know.

But if we walk together on this path we can show each other new ways.

I’m not saying I know everything! And I won’t pretend if I don’t have the answer. I will though bring you with me and share this ride together.

We will achieve greater things together.

I will lead you and show new ways.

I will share my ideas, so we can work as one team.


To work together is one thing, but to be a team and work together that is something we strive for.

Let’s sit down and talk.

Let’s sit down and listen not just to each other but everyone let’s be there like we say we will.

How are you?

What do you want to achieve?

Can you dream?

Let’s dream bigger!!

Let’s share our ideas and sing from the roof top’s let’s not hide away, why should we?

Our passion will show and lead us to be a better us. It will support and encourage and take us on a journey together.

For today it may be dark and stormy, but the clouds will lift, and the sun will shine, and we will look back and think.

I knew this day would come I just had to believe, listen, share, speak up and be there.

Thank you and well done to everyone who participated in such brilliant presentations.

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