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I understand corona virus and do understand the steps that were taken to shut the country down we need to keep everyone safe and well but most importantly we need to stop putting more pressure on the NHS and carers.

I was shocked and horrified when I heard on the news that there was a shortage of PPE and that we were not prepared for something like this nationally.

I do not understand why the NHS has not got enough scrubs but I know they are needed to protect the staff and to make sure that they can go to work in clothes that keep them safe.

I decided that I would do my bit to help make sure that there was enough PPE and although I am not a great swear I am making PPE with some help to make sure that all can have the PPE that is needed to keep us all safe and well and help to get us back to normality,.

I have still been able to take my little dog for a walk every day but it has only been for one walk and he is used to lots of walks and so am I. I have had to change my routine me take him for one long walk every day since March.

Now I can take him for as many as is needed so long as people listen and do not make silly decisions about when they go out and keep to social distancing its not difficult for anyone to remember and its so all of us can get back to our own normal sooner rather than next year.



Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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