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  • Theo Chatzakis

Kirsty move-in day

Monday 12th September… A date I just couldn’t wait for and then it was here!! You’ve only got to look at the smile on my face to see how happy I am to have moved into a flat of my own for the very first time.

I’m Kirsty and I can’t wait to meet you all. This is my story so far…

I lived with my Mum until she passed away 5 years ago, it was just the two of us so this really hit me hard.

I then stayed with my Sister on and off, but she has a large family and although I love them all this environment didn’t really work out so I stayed a few other places in-between…

Then I heard through my social worker that a new flat was available with support from UBU at Doddington road and I thought this sounded right up my street.

I went to visit and I loved it. I couldn’t wait to have some new friends too and the staff team was so kind and welcoming, I knew this was the place for me. They arranged lots of visits to make me feel at home, such as a BBQ and one of my new friends invited me to their Birthday party. I was so excited to move in and then the day came. After 5 years of uncertainty, I now have a home of my own.

Last night I went to a Disco with my new friends and we’ve planned to go swimming together too. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me, I’m sure you’ll hear from me again soon!


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