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Keep safe everyone

I could start this negatively and list all the things I miss and can’t do because of this virus, all the people I can’t see and the events that have been canceled. But negativity isn’t really my thing I’m much happier when I feel positive about something and there are lots of positives to come from this.

I have learned to adapt and use the technology around me to stay connected with different people. For some this could be a video call with multiple people where we can all see each other and have a laugh, for others it’s been handwritten letters something I haven’t done in years.

I love sitting in the sun and as April has been the driest in a long time its been great to finish work and relax in the garden. Reading a book something I only ever really do on holiday I now find myself enjoying a few chapters on an evening. I’ve even baked cakes and got to know my neighbours better talking over the garden wall.

I have found time for me, self-care is so important not only for my mental health but for others around me, I need to be in a good place to be able to help others. Meeting my friends at jujitsu class has now changed to rolling round on the kitchen floor and solo drills. I’ve found this has helped my learning so even though it’s not the class I would like to attend it still helps me.

Yes there are lots of things I miss seeing my family has to be top of that list but knowing if I stay at home as much as possible and when I do go out I social distance and wash my hands regularly there is a chance I will get to see them again without the threat of this virus then it will all be worth it.

Keep safe everyone

Vanessa Fieldhouse


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