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  • Theo Chatzakis

Is it really 20 years?

I checked and it is !!

I was first attracted to ubu by the commitment and passion of the people I met.

My first day was at an Away Day in the Lake District where I met about 40/50 ubu staff members and was given a wonderful warm welcome.

I immediately began experiencing how supportive everyone was, learning more about what ubu does, and importantly how we do things. Any apprehensions I had soon melted away and I was hooked.

Since then the role has changed and developed and I have been given excellent training and learning opportunities throughout my journey. No two days are the same and when times are difficult and challenging, I can still call on others who offer a listening ear to help me solve any new dilemma.

What keeps me motivated is hearing of the great journeys and achievements of the people we serve and colleagues, when I meet them or when reading their stories on My ubu, they really do inspire me.

I enjoy being part of a great team, who are always seeking to make improvements for the benefit of everyone and this makes every day new, fun, and enjoyable.

Having time to reflect, reminds me that there are undoubtedly new challenging times ahead and it will be teamwork that ensures we continue to achieve.


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