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Interviews, Interviews Interviews!!!

Hello, my name is Josh. I live independently in my own home in Leeds, enabled by ubu. Since moving to my flat, I have noticed some incredible changes in my life. Having more control over my own life has meant that I don’t get as anxious as I used too. I find it much easier to be confident around other people. My family and friends have noticed how much more outgoing I am recently. These days I am feeling more comfortable about being with people.

I decided that finding a job would be a great next step for me. I have put together my CV so I can let employers know what my skills are. The next step was for me to go around the businesses in my local community. I found this quite hard at first because it meant that I had to go into a business and talk to them about myself and what I can offer them. It was actually easier to do then I imagined. The people I met were interested in meeting me and finding out what I could do for them. That was a great boost to my confidence. After a week or two I heard back from one of the local businesses. I was offered a job at a car wash company. I was so excited to hear this great news.

I practiced my interview skills with the help of my ubu enabling team before I went for my job interview. It helped me to feel really prepared for the experience. The day came and I went for my interview. All the practice I did beforehand paid off and I was offered the job. I felt happy to be able to say yes!

I have started working at the car wash company and I am really enjoying it. Spending time with my work mates has been great! It has nice to get to know them and to find how much they enjoy working with me too.

My next goal is to work towards finding my dream job. That would be working in a high street shop where I would be meeting and working with all kinds of people. I am sending my CV to all sorts of different companies. So far I have succeeded in getting five interviews, all which offer the type of role I would love to do.

I am feeling very optimistic about the future. This experience of looking for and finding a job has helped me to become more confident and excited about the future.


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