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  • Dorothy

“Inhumanity” The Crisis in Care

Yet another BBC Panorama team went undercover inside a so-called hospital, (“Whorlton Hall”) for vulnerable adults revealing patients being mocked, taunted and intimidated by abusive hospital staff. Somerset Council have also put their head above the parapet and joined many of us by taking the “Leap of faith” and calling for political action. Invest in Humanity and ensure it is the most important issue on the political agenda – NOW.

Our voices alone can’t fight Westminster, but together we can unite and bring together a Human focus for the people, the communities, the families, the lonely, the ill and the dying. Not political vanity, nor rhetoric. We need the same Humanity and action that committed to and brought about our original public health and social care services. The same services which have now become outdated institutions and culture.

We need to think again and fight together today. Not the kind of war which fought fascism but one that fights for Humanity and Human kindness - a spirit that is being killed out of existence in our society today.

Please join the fight to ‘out’ the political arrogance and practices today and become part of the army fighting for the survival of Human kindness. How is this to be done? Speak out every day.


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