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  • Theo Chatzakis

I was rewarded with a Seasider Star Award

Hi, my name is Simon and I live in Lancashire. I would like to share this story about something I’ve achieved recently and I’m really proud of with everyone.

Recently I was awarded a Seasider Star Award from the college I’ve been going to. I’ve been attending an English course for a while now, staff supporting me were helping me find something I wanted to do as I kept getting bored and fed up, they saw this course advertised online and supported me to attend an open day and then to enroll on the course.

I’m the first one to admit that I’m not the most patient of men, also, I hadn't undertaken any form of education since I was at school, so there was some uncertainty from everyone around me about whether this course would be suitable.

The enablers who supported me ensured they supported did this in a positive and encouraging way and I ended up really enjoying the course, and now I even attend without staff support. I was nominated for this award by my tutor because of my success and dedication to the course. I was invited to an awards evening to be presented with this award, here are some pictures of the evening I would like everyone to see.

Go take a look at the video of the big celebration:


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