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  • Theo Chatzakis

I have become the jewel in the crown!

I have always wanted to stand out from the crowd and always wanted more than just big shopping trips to Primark – that just was not enough for me. I have always known I have so much to offer with my infectious personality and determination to succeed. It was time to give something back to society and get on that first rung of the job ladder!

I knew this was my time to shine and with support from Ubu giving me lots of encouragement and spent time talking to me about what jobs were out there, I became even more determined to get a job.

ubu helped me to put together a CV that highlighted my skills, achievements, and qualifications. I applied for every local job going. Ubu supported me to search online. If there was a job going, I made sure there was an application with my name on it, but I did not just want any job I wanted a job that made me stand out. This was a complete buzz for me, and I became focused on getting to work. It did not matter if it was a quick walk to the Post Office at the end of the road to apply for a job or a bus journey to Acomb and a walk around every shop looking for the right job for me, I was up to the challenge.

I got the offer of an interview at sports direct, and ubu helped me to get ready for my interview by doing role play so I could practice and prepare for the real thing. I did not get the job on this occasion, but I did not let that get me down. With support from ubu I went straight back to the drawing board and started to look for another opportunity.

Then one sparkling day, I found the job I wanted! With the help from ubu, I applied for a role that would help change not just my life but hopefully others too. I applied and got a role in the NHS with the Shadow Quality Group – this Group is all about improving the NHS services for adults with learning disabilities. Part of my role is to meet once a month and feedback information from others about their experiences within the NHS and take this back to the other members of the group.

It makes me so proud to know I am going to be making a difference and help improve this service and I tell everyone I meet about my success in getting this job.

Now I wonder if there is something I can do about those waiting time.


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