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Health and Wellbeing: Colour Rad Run

Colour Rad Runs have become incredibly popular in the last few years with people of all ages and levels of wellness and fitness. The idea originates in India from the annual festival of Holi, sometimes known as the ‘festival of love and happiness’. For many people it’s a day to make new friends, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.

It has always been a personal goal of mine to be able to go running and enjoy a new level of health and a more positive approach to my own mental health and emotional wellbeing. This year felt right for me and my family to spend much more quality time together and enjoy exercise together in the fresh air.

My husband Mark and I met up with a couple of colleagues from ubu to take part in a local charity fund-raising Colour Rad Run event near Harrogate.

I had just recently taken up running, always beginning with a warm-up to get my muscles ready. Then starting with ‘small steps’ by jogging for 30 seconds, running for 30 seconds and then brisk walking for 30 seconds. It’s a strategy that has worked really well for me.

The Colour Rad was an excellent opportunity for me to take part in a large local charitable event and contribute to helping myself and others enjoy a more positive approach to wellness and health.

After a lot of rainfall rain during the previous two days, it was an incredibly muddy and slippery course. We were showered on the day with a rainbow of coloured powders along the way.

We laughed, we ran and we had a lot of fun. Best of all, I feel so proud of my achievement, completing the run in a time that far exceeded my goal and expectations. I’m really looking forward to my next running challenge. Why don’t you join me?


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