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He is all those things

I have been thinking about writing a blog for a few weeks and have really struggled to think of something to share and something people can relate to. Eventually, it came to me to share my families experience through COVID-19.

When it was announced that schools would close, I thought, "It will be ok." I hopped in my car, nipped to Wilko, bought some arts and crafts stuff, more pencils and paper etc. I got home and had a look online at ideas for homeschooling and thought, it will be fine, Eddie will be home, his work will close as it’s not essential is it??? I thought, he can do lots of work with Alfie and they can play all day while I concentrate on work.

As the days passed, Eddie’s work didn’t close and my work became more intense, as a result, Alfie got less and less of my time!

I continuously saw on social media mums being ‘teachers’, it made me feel so bad! Long walks in the countryside, arts and crafts, maths, reading together, spellings and mostly having fun.

People writing how thankful they were for family time and spending special moments together, we tried to do this, I tried to make it special but I felt worse and worse. Work got busier and busier, more calls, more meetings, all whilst my lovely boy watched another film because, "Mummy has another meeting," and “Daddy is at work.”

I can’t explain the feeling I have towards those parents being able to spend so much time with their children and the wishing that I could do that, but then the reminder and the importance of my work and how people needed me.

One evening, I suddenly realised it had been weeks since I last read with Alfie, we sat down to read a book as we always have done and he was devastated because I made him read! I was distraught, how could I forget to read with my boy?