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  • Theo Chatzakis

Having fun with Mum

My first outing after lockdown

Covid has restricted a lot of my activities and has limited my access to my mum and my community. She is the only one I have. Because of my health concerns, I had been shielding since March 2020. Since then, I wasn’t able to access my community and spend time with my mum.

Although I speak to my mum every day over the phone, I haven’t been able to see and hug her. Over time, I then developed some form of social anxiety. When the lockdown was lifted, despite my staff encouraging me to go out, I have refused this and find going out and using the wheelchair again very strange and distressing.

But my staff didn’t give up on me. They gradually, patiently, creatively supported and encouraged me to first get used to my wheelchair and then finally go out in the community. At first, It feels strange being out having stayed in for a long time, but I hope that this is a good start to me getting back to my routine.



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