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Good idea

I have lost count how many days, weeks, hours we have now been in lock down. When this first Happened I found it hard i couldn’t just drop by my parents house and see how they are, I couldn’t go in to my sisters houses and play with my nieces or nephews or cuddle them on the sofa and watch films with them. I felt separated from them as if they were miles way not with walking distance.

This soon changed quickly. Although we already used what’s app this this became how we communicated even more. The whole family speaks everyday in a group chat and I now have daily video calls with my family and see how the kids are growing up and there exciting stories they are telling me about what they have done that day.

I have found myself with a little more time in the morning so I have gone out every day leaving the house around 6am or before and going out for a lovely walk or if I plenty of energy a run before anyone else is up. These walks has kept me being active and seeing nature change over the last few weeks. Each day became what animal would I see today. A barn owl, dear, field mouse, fish, geese, grouse, sheep, wild rabbits are just some of animals I have seen on my walks. I should say these walks are through famers fields and down by a river.

I have started a few projects round the house and in the garden to keep myself busy although my d.i.y skills are non existent I have need to learn somewhere so there no time like the present to start learning. Although maybe I thinking I should leave to the professionals as some of my handy work is little bit shoddy.

My latest project on a Saturday evening I said to my husband why don’t we make this feature wall in are house and paint across it like a big giant piece of art work so we got the paint we wanted a flicks and through paint across the wall (yes I mean we through the paint on the wall)…. 4 days on and am not sure we like it but we shall see how this goes. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Victoria Boyd


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