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Go for that chat!

It was recently World Friendship Day and with it was a message to just take a moment to reconnect with those around you, giving yourself a little break from the hustle and bustle of life.

But did you know reconnecting with that old friend could have had a bigger impact than you ever thought possible?

The impact we are talking about is on Mental Health. We all need to make sure we are taking time to not just look after our bodies but our minds as well and just having a good in depth chat with a colleague, friend or family member can not only help our mental well-being but theirs too!

With that being said we wanted to raise awareness about the Ostrich Foundation. It was started 18 months ago by a mother who tragically lost her son to suicide. Her bright wonderful child decided to end his life and no one knew why he felt he needed to end it so abruptly. She is now working tirelessly to raise awareness that it’s okay to talk.

We are proud to be supporting this organisation and want to help spread the message!

Whether you’re feeling low or needing to hear another persons voice there is always someone to turn to and you are never alone! Take a look at the person beside you, ask them how they are, if they want to go for a drink and a chat, do your part to help maintain positive mental well-being of those around you.

You can find further information about the Ostrich Foundation here:

Don’t bury your head, go for that chat


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