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Getting Out There

My name’s Leslie and I’m from North Tyneside. I am a very cheerful kind of person, I really enjoy the company of other people. I try to get together with my friends in the flats around me to find new hobbies and activities. We are enabled, with support from ubu, to live independently. We all enjoy trying new and different things. Getting these events together and sharing them with each other helps to boost our confidence, which is something we all need.

I am very keen on meeting new people. I like to get our local community involved as much as possible with new events. We talk and make plans together about what sort of things we could do next. We all like being outdoors and knew we wanted to get a little more healthy and active. Because the weather has been so good for most of this year we agreed that it would be nice to get out, for a walk and to get some fresh air.

My flat mate Ian suggested that we ask if other people who live in our flats and our neighbours might want to join us. I wrote out some invitations, with a bit of support from ubu’s team of enablers. I also decided to ask our local shops if I could put up flyers inviting other people from the community to join us for a stroll on Bank Holiday Monday at our local park.

The night before we all prepared healthy picnics for the next day. I laid out my clothes ready. I had bought a t-shirt and had the word ‘Leader’ printed on the back. I felt really proud of it.

In the morning, my alarm went off and I jumped straight out of bed even though it was a Monday morning! I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to see who else would be coming along. After a healthy breakfast, I helped to get the whole team from our flats together and off we went.

When we arrived at the meeting point I was so happy and just a little bit overwhelmed to see how many people had turned up. What a success!

Everyone did really well. We had a brilliant walk and we all enjoyed spending time together. It was a lovely, warm and sunny day so it seemed like a good idea to invite everyone back to our house for the picnic and some afternoon tea which really finished off our afternoon nicely.

This has been a great experience, getting together with people I know and making some new friends too. I can’t wait to organise something else like this for my friends and I to do together in the future.


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