• ubu


Friends I have loved and lost, friends I have lost, friends I have loved, lost and found again, this friendship thing goes on forever!

My friends are people I talk too, I desire to be with them, I can depend on them and I enjoy them.

I know a lot of people and a lot of people know me (let’s not share the reasons why-keep shtum!). I have met amazing people who have done incredible things and then disappeared out of my life. I meet new people who either disappear or stay depending how wind sails, I meet people occasionally who float in and out- you can see the picture now can’t you and I have friends who have always been in my life and I cherish them totally.

All of a sudden I have friends who I had lost or lost me, getting back in contact, asking how I am, they missed me, sorry they had not been in touch, how was I, was I ok? did I need anything?

I am going through my contacts on old phones, Facebook friends that never come up and I am texting them, messaging them-how are you? are you ok? do you need anything? Sorry I haven’t been in touch, I missed you.

Its fantastic! I had forgotten how much I loved being with these people. How much we had in common. None of us have mentioned why we lost contact just that we were happy to be together again. Through a united crisis we have reconnected.

We may lose contact again when this is all over