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Fourth Day of ubu Christmas: Our Christmas Hat Competition

Today we are celebrating Christmas cheer with a competition for the happiest hat. The tradition of wearing festive hats at Christmas goes back a long way in history. In Roman times the people wore hats to celebrate on Saturnalia which fell on December 25th. More recently there has been a tradition of wearing paper hats as crowns on 12th Night when a king or queen was appointed to preside over the festivities.

Louise from Leeds seems very pleased with her upside-down Santa hat. It certainly made us giggle. On a practical note though Louise says that her hat does keep her ears very warm on cold, wintery days.

Barnaby from Harrogate says “I love a few excellent things in my life, including wrestling and good food. I also love being festive around Christmas. What I like most is dressing up ‘Christmassy’. With my Christmas jumper and Christmas hat I'm ready for all the festivities to come. I just wish I could combine my love to wrestling and Christmas and have all the wrestlers wear Christmas jumpers and hats!”.

Margaret from Newcastle found a festive hat that also doubles as her portable Christmas Tree and in Settle a homemade Christmas Elf hat inspired us to want to make our own.

This year’s Christmas hat competition winner was Sarah from Louth in Lincolnshire who says “I really enjoy arts and crafts and I had lots of fun painting and making my homemade Santa’s Hat”.

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Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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