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First Day of ubu Christmas: Our Snowflake Competition

This year people served by ubu decided that they wanted to join in the festive fun by having 15 days of crafting competitions leading up to Christmas. Each day has its own special theme.

We received entries from all of the regions served by ubu, north and south, east and west. We were blown away by the enthusiasm and engagement of everyone who has taken part and all those who have encouraged and supported each other to make something sparkling and special.

Today, the first day of our competition, we are looking for the very best example of a homemade Christmas Snowflake.

Ann-Louise, Emma, Gemma and their friends who live in a ubu support in Blackpool got together to make a range of snowflakes. They used glitter, paint, stick on gems and coloured paper to make some amazing decorations for their home.

Meanwhile in Louth, Jessica got busy cutting out snowflakes from sheets of white paper with very effective results and in Spalding at one of the ubu supports a shadow snowflake made a very different effect especially when it was stuck to a window to let the light shine through.

In Leeds, Darren’s sparkling snowflakes were hung strategically so that the light would catch on them giving a sensation shimmer all around the room. Gemma from Blackpool painted her snowflake to make it colourful and bright.

A group of gentlemen who share a home in Trafford got together one afternoon to make snowflakes and decorate them. They are planning to hang them around the dining room so that they can get into the Christmas spirit as soon as possible.

In Settle, North Yorkshire, people we serve worked together to create a brilliant group of snowflake decorations to brighten up even the dullest December day.

Anita from Newcastle made the most colourful snowflake decorations we have seen yet…Margaret wore a suitably seasonal hat to present her carefully crafted 3D snowflakes. Annie from the Hub in Harrogate knitted a snowflake which we’ve added to the other decorations around the building….

In Knaresborough, near Harrogate Paul and Jason made sure that their snowflake entries were of the highest technical quality and as you can see they felt pretty good about the results.

People we serve in Newcastle used their creativity to make these fantastic snowflakes which look wonderful now, hung in the windows to let the light stream through them.

It was very difficult to pick a winner, but we did! We loved the entry from Paige in Blackpool who made a brilliantly sparkly snowflake and as you can see from the pictures she really enjoyed making her snowflake along with her housemates.


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Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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