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Fifth Day of ubu Christmas: Our Mince Pie and Cookies Competition

Making mince pies and Christmas cookies is a tradition in many families. The people we serve have been especially busy this year baking and decorating these treats to share with their friends. We had some fantastic entries for our competition and lots of recipes sent in from every area where ubu supports people to live with greater independence. The variety and creativity was brilliant. This video gives an idea of how much fun people have had making mince pies and cookies for this competition.

It was incredibly difficult to decide on a winner today but we thought that Michelle and Ayla’s entry was especially good. They sent us a beautiful photograph of their mince pies.

Michelle says “I have been going to a slimming club for 7 months now. I‘ve lost weight and made new friends! Even better, I’ve been introduced to a lot of healthy foods I hadn’t thought of trying before.” Michelle has lost over two stone since she joined the slimming club and says that she is feeling much more comfortable in herself and wants to carry on getting healthier in the new year too. “It’s taken a lot to keep going and to stay motivated. I make sure I cook from scratch every week, sometimes every day.”

ubu is always looking for ways to encourage and enable people we serve to choose a healthier lifestyle. Supporting people to take control over what they eat can have very positive results.

Michelle has become friendly with another lady, Ayla, also enabled by ubu at her slimming club. Ayla has been going to the slimming club for 14 months. “I've lost 5 stone so far and I feel so much happier in my own skin! My health has improved, I have way more energy than I've had for years! Joining this group has completely changed the way I think about eating. I love trying out recipes with my new friend Michelle.”

“We have come together this Christmas to try a ‘new-to-us’ recipe: Macaroon Topped Mince Pies. Some of the ingredients we used include prunes, fresh apple, nutmeg, goji berries, brandy, orange zest and ground almonds. They are really delicious and we are planning to make more batches to share with our friends and family this Christmas.”


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