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Every love story is beautiful…

Carlena moved from her family home to live with more independence, enabled by ubu, into her own flat in Leeds a few years ago. It has been a transforming experience which has led Carlena to make some incredible changes in her life, all for the better. It was hard at first to leave her old life behind and focus on a new one as an independent woman. But Carlena is strong and determined and was able to quickly find a new a circle of friends, work and to make her new home beautiful.

But in all honesty there was still something missing...

Then can you imagine how amazing it felt for Carlena to meet the man of her dreams after two years of moving into her new, independent life? Carlena’s world was turned upside down, but in a good way! As the song goes...“love, love changes everything” and it certainly did for this modern day ‘Juliet’ who was about to find her very own ‘Romeo’.

Carlena first met Kyle when he moved into his own home in the same block of flats that she lives in. They hit it off immediately and became good friends. Kyle came to live there, enabled and supported by ubu, from a difficult and troubled background. He needed encouragement and support from ubu to find ways to achieve his potential and to begin to have the kind of life he wanted in the future.

Kyle also sought advice and comfort from Carlena as their friendship developed. She shared her experiences and showed him ways to cope with his anxiety and aggression. It was the beginning of something special between them. Carlena began teaching him life lessons that only a life partner can. Kyle regularly says that Carlena saved him from himself.

It wasn’t long before Carlena and Kyle became a romantic couple and they decided to become engaged. It was a decision that helped to join two families and two worlds to become as one.

There were ups and downs as there are in any relationship but their love and friendship carried them through. Carlena and Kyle were ready to make a more permanent commitment to each other. They married in their local Registry Office, surrounded by their true friends and loving families. Theirs is a most beautiful and inspiring love story and we wish them all the very best for their future together.


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