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Eighth Day of ubu Christmas: Our Best Dressed Christmas Tree Competition

Today, on the eighth day of ubu Christmas competitions, we have been looking for the best decorated Christmas tree to get us all in the joyful, merry mood. Evergreen fir trees have been a feature of Christmas celebrations in Britain for the least the last two hundred years. It is a custom that has probably been around for thousands of years before that too, because people traditionally brought branches into their homes to celebrate the winter solstice. These days the tree in London’s Trafalgar Square, which has been a gift each year from the city of Oslo in Norway signals for many people the beginning of Christmas.

The people we serve and ubu enabling teams have made a tremendous effort this year to decorate their homes so that they sparkle with seasonal delight. We’ve had another fantastic response from everyone for this contest.

Here is one of the entries we all loved and felt deserved a special mention. It is an alternative take on the best dressed Christmas tree from Lancashire. Everyone got together, forming a Christmas tree shape and looking snug in their Christmas outfits and gathered around a rather happy tree at the top.

We’ve been sent photographs of some fabulous Christmas trees decorated with lights and sparkling decorations from almost every ubu service around the country. As you can see from our gallery below, all of the trees in our competition have had lots of time, creativity and energy put in to them.

It was a struggle to choose a winner out of the forest of Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes that we saw. But even with so many beautiful looking Christmas trees, we thought that this very splendid white Christmas tree with baubles, tinsel, bows and crackers to pull for Christmas day was our favourite. It was decorated by Sarah who lives independently in her own flat in one of the ubu supports in Leeds. Thank you to everyone who sent us photographs of their trees, we really loved them all.

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