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During Lockdown

One Woman….

It’s amazing how quickly one is able to acclimatize with the right frame of mind and a regular routine.

Obviously, to be of any value, the routine needs to consist of regular exercise, chats with family and friends, now possible through zoom or WhatsApp, an occupation, something to laugh about each day (Michael McIntyre sketches on Facebook available even at 3am!), and lots of box sets on Netflix – one perk of being the only adult in the house is complete control over the TV, and of course cuddles with my furry companion Jack the poodle. Even managed to carry out my own manicure, pedicure etc. although beginning to look a bit sheepish now with lack of a haircut.

It’s good to see everyone working hard to ensure the people we serve are participating in some great activities online, striving to keep everyone physically and mentally healthy.

& Her Dog…

Woof, well its’s all about her!!!

Haircut indeed! what about me” I haven’t had a groom for 2 months now, and what about Zoom or WhatsApp for dogs?

I haven’t seen Chutzpah, Je t’aime, Milo, Sam Sam, nor the rest of my mates for so long I can’t remember what they look like.

Just for your information I don’t know what it is about the noise of that MS teams that makes me need to go out into the garden immediately, but it does ok!!

And I know she tried to entertain me by buying me a ball thrower, but I will not, and I repeat NOT put the ball back in myself, no matter how much ham she puts in that hole.

Yes, she does have control of the remote……. hasn’t mentioned putting me through watching that “Paul O Grady’s for the love of dogs” though has she!!! Drives me mad all that barking.

Anyway, gotta go, she’s swinging the lead about my head, at least I think that’s what it is, can’t see through all this hair!

Bark soon.

Linda Bilsborrow


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