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  • Dorothy

Downs Syndrome Awareness Week

In today’s world I’m still shocked that so much ignorance and mythology still exist surrounding Downs Syndrome so I thought what better way during Downs Syndrome Awareness Week to break some of the myths and demonstrate some of the amazing successes being achieved.

The first thing today’s world needs to understand is that Downs Syndrome it is not an illness; it is a learning disability, put simply a difficulty learning, like so many of us, it doesn’t mean that they cannot learn.

At ubu we serve many people, of all ages, who have learnt new skills and now have greater independence and are enjoying the life they want, from building relationships, finding therapeutic work and activities to full and part time employment.

On the 21st March, which is World Downs Syndrome Day people from all over the World will be celebrating by wearing brightly coloured socks to demonstrate the diversity of the people with Downs Syndrome and the brilliant contributions they of bring to our communities. ubu believes that when people have the opportunity to be seen and heard their talents, skills and ideas will be included more widely and with the respect due to everyone in our society.

All it takes is for everyone to open their eyes and see the beautiful people standing around them, if we can break through some of the prejudice and ignorance around learning disabilities, the truth has the opportunity to shine through!

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Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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