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Clapping for Carers

Last night we saw the coordinated “Clapping for Carers” tribute expressing our combined national appreciation to those who courageously work on the frontline in our NHS. Communities stood at their windows and front doors clapping the bravery, commitment and dedication of these workers.

The Biggest of “Thank You’s” to everyone who work in the NHS from us all

Periodically reporters tagged on the end of their reports “and Care Workers”. We would like to say to ALL frontline health and care workers you are not forgotten and are equally as brave, committed and dedicated. If the nation was more aware of the extent of the work you do they would realise how vital and critical your contribution is as well. So last night many of us stood up and clapped for you as well. We said and say today;

the Biggest “Thank You” to everyone who works on the frontline in this crisis,

You are all our inspiration and our todays nations hero’s.


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