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  • Theo Chatzakis

Charity coffee morning for Cancer Support Yorkshire

Sean from Crookbeck goes to a coffee morning every Wednesday which takes place near his home. Once every month different people host a coffee morning for a charity of their choice.

Sean talked about this with the person supporting him and said he would like to do it one week.

With support, he looked at some different local charities before deciding to raise money for Cancer Support Yorkshire. Sean said he chose them because he has a family member who has been ill with cancer. He also knows that one of the enablers who support him does voluntary counselling for Cancer Support Yorkshire.

Sean spoke to different people about coming to the event but also about baking things to sell there. Cakes arrived from some of the staff who support Sean, Sean’s family, a local shop worker, and general friends. Sean made chocolate cake and sausage rolls to donate to the event too.

They decided not only to sell cake but to make afternoon tea boxes for people to buy to eat there or to take home with them.

Charity support Yorkshire gave bunting, collection boxes, and a large flag to use to advertise the event. They also sent posters which Sean and the team displayed in local shops and on local notice boards. There were flags to add to any cupcakes that were made by Sean with a little help.

Sean busy making some sausage rolls

Sean invited lots of different people to the event so it was hoped that even more people than usual would attend. Sean’s family, some friends, his housing officer, and the Care Manager all came along and enjoyed some homemade cake. Some people also bought the afternoon tea boxes and said they would have them for their tea.

The coffee morning raised £521.35 Sean said he thought that was a lot of money, and he was very pleased. Sean received a round of applause from people at the coffee morning to acknowledge his achievement.

Sean received a thank you letter from Cancer support Yorkshire

for the money raised at the Coffee morning.

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