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Changing and Growing

I'm Yvonne and I love going out about where I live. I have a trip planned out for nearly every day. I like to be busy. With enabling from ubu, my week is packed full of activities that I enjoy doing.

I have been in my beautiful home for twenty years enabled to live with more independence by ubu. I think that it’s fair to say that the ubu enablers know me pretty well after all this time.

Although I usually love going out, if I’m not feeling well I don’t always enjoy it. Sometimes I don’t realise this until I get onto the bus or when I get into town. I can quickly feel upset and have to let the enabler supporting me know that I am not well and feel unhappy.

I don’t use words, so I tell people by reaching out and sometimes that’s been a shock to them. I don’t want to hurt anyone and I would never be aggressive but when I feel poorly I just want people to know I don’t feel in a good place. People who don’t know me who are on the bus or in the shops stare at me and probably think I might be dangerous. Actually that’s just not true, I really don’t want people to be fearful of me.

My ubu support team thought they were doing the right thing by always offering to take me out to go and do the activities I had planned. They thought it might be wrong not to get it organised and make it happen. Actually that just wasn’t always what I wanted. It was sometimes hard to find a way to let people know, especially when I’m not feeling well that I don’t feel like going out. I want to do something else.

By working together, along with my family, ubu enablers have been finding better ways to communicate with me so that I can express what I actually want. We have been looking for new ways to better understand and show how I am feeling and what I’d really like to do so that I can enjoy my life to the full. As a result I’ve been getting much less frustrated and upset.

It’s good to know that the ubu enablers are always keen to regularly review and adapt to find the right support for me. ubu have recognised that even though I have been enabled for 20 years and we all know each other well, I am always changing and growing because that’s my life and my journey.


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