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It’s a verb

1. make or become different.

2. an act or process through which something becomes different.

When asked to create a narrative that fit the bill in relation to my own sunny disposition, I had to think of just what the last ten years has done for me and in turn what I had done in the ten last year’s

I didn’t want to make it one of those verbose letters stating in no uncertain terms how I had gone from nothing to everything, hanging with the have nots to dining with apparent royalty in dining room I just wouldn’t forget.

There’s been changes, lots of them but less blatant ones not crying into my own magnificence like the best man at world most garish wedding in the world.

It’s only now that I’ve recognised my place in the grander scheme of things, my role is to align the sunshine of others through broad reflective themes

Travel effortlessly to highlight the road less ordinary, recognised sunshine and peculiar patterns are going somewhere all the same.

A million memories, all useful in the happiness business, a company that I put my name to when asked just what my stake is in the world and how I make my bread.

I’ve become a believer in the goodness of people and how an approach or fleeting kindness

can the pick the lock and throw the key away with to say we’re all changing day after day.

I hope to genuinely inspire folk with laughter or to cry the blues away, tomorrow may spell disaster that’s why I’m all about today.

I can safely say I’m a thousand paces away from the man who walked into 9 Haywra Street on that fateful April day, I’m pleased I asked the questions that invited me back to stay.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m extremely great full for the last ten years enough to put pen to paper to make my feelings last…

Matt Lacey


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