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  • Theo Chatzakis

Captain Sir Tom Moore

“Let’s hear it for Captain Tom Moore” was announced at 06:00 pm on 3 February 2021 with the nation applauding at Paddington Station, Bedford Hospital, Birmingham New Street Station, the Army Foundation College, and many more to celebrate the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Devotion from one inspiring man till the very end has the nation's attention stand together in celebration of his life and contribution to the country. Not only once but twice did he fight for his country, in world war 2 and during the Covid-19 pandemic, where he raised £33 million for the NHS.

Captain Tom Moore first grabbed the nation's attention when he was walking 100 laps around his garden before his 100 birthday last April. He started a fundraiser for the NHS in dedication to their hard work and raised over £30 million. At that time he was only Sir Tom Moore where he was then knighted by the queen at Windsor Castle in July last year. This major accomplishment was celebrated on his 100th birthday where he anointed Colonel of the Army Foundation College and a flyby was done by both British Airways & Airforce. Tom stated "When you think that about four months ago I was just Tom Moore, now I'm Sir Tom Moore, no one could ever have believed that, in that time it would happen to me. I've been really honoured that this should happen and I'm thrilled that it did happen, and thank you everyone who subscribed to the fund - I really appreciate it and thank you all very much."

December 2020, he had the opportunity to ‘tick off’ one of his dreams, this was put together by British airways where he traveled to Barbados with his family. He shared a big smile with his followers on Twitter just before their departure. According to Hello! Captain Tom wrote: "I never thought that, at the age of 100, I would get to travel again. I'm so grateful to everyone who has made this possible. The support I have been shown in 2020 has given me renewed energy and today I get to tick something off my bucket list.

Sadly we are all saying goodbye to an incredible man who has passed away on Tuesday 3rd February 2021. According to Hello! Hannah Ingram-Moore, his daughter, shared the news of his hospitalisation over the weekend. On Twitter, she wrote: "I wanted to update everybody that today (Sunday 31st January) my father was admitted to hospital. Over the last few weeks he was being treated for pneumonia and last week tested positive for Covid-19.” Responses from citizens flooded in, heartbroken emotions shared with the announcement on Twitter. "So sorry to hear your news and thank you for letting us all be a part of his life, let us meet him all and watch him raise so much money for the NHS what a legend he may not be here anymore but it will be a long time till he is forgotten. Hard days ahead. Forever a hero," a Twitter user posted.

The queen made an announcement the day of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s death, "Her Majesty very much enjoyed meeting Captain Sir Tom and his family at Windsor last year. Her thoughts, and those of the Royal Family, are with them, recognising the inspiration he provided for the whole nation and others across the world."

We can all learn a great deal from Captain Sir Tom Moore, with a small idea you can achieve big dreams. Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Captain Sir Tom Moore.


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