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Ben gets swimming!

Ben has shown an interest in swimming and playing in water since he was a child. His mum often likes to tell the story of how much he enjoyed the wave machine in the swimming pool on holiday at water holiday parks when he was younger. But for various reasons Ben hasn’t been able to go swimming on a regular basis for a good few years.

This year, when Ben was reflecting on what he would like to achieve next in his life, with his mum and enablers from ubu, the idea of getting back to swimming and enjoying being the water seemed very attractive to him. Ben’s mum was a little bit apprehensive to start with but Ben was very keen and made it clear that he wanted to at least try it out.

Ben, who is enabled by ubu to live with greater independence in the East Midlands decided to start by going to the best local hydro-pool, which for him is in Peterborough. At the beginning of this year, Ben wanted to see if he would find it easy and comfortable to take to the water again. Supported by enablers from ubu, Ben thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially because he could share it with his friends. He had a fantastic time and lots of fun getting back into the water again.

Because Ben’s first trip to the hydro pool was so successful, he was very happy to plan to have regular trips to the local pool. Ben’s next goal is to learn to swim with confidence and so he decided that his next target is to take some swimming lessons later in the year.

Ben has been going to his local pool every week since. He gets really excited when it is his swimming day, becoming very vocal. Ben makes sure that he gets his swimming kit together and ready. He can’t wait for the car to arrive to take him over to the pool.

When he gets there, Ben is first into the changing rooms and first to get into the water. He spends every available second in the water and uses his time there pushing off from the side of the pool, splashing friends and ubu enablers supporting him, whilst on his back kicking his legs, and generally laughing and having fun.

Apart from the joy of being back in the water, Ben and his mum have realised how important it is to get good exercise. Swimming has proved to be an excellent choice made by Ben as a part of his fitness regime and for having a healthy lifestyle. Ben is really proud of his progress with swimming and is gaining confidence every day. Ben’s mum is pleased too because she can see that Ben is taking charge of what he wants to do and really enjoying his life to the full.

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