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  • Theo Chatzakis


I joined Ubu at the end of April last year. What seems like a very different time now. The national lockdown was in full effect and this new journey I was starting felt exciting, even when everything around us seemed growingly more difficult. I was introduced to a few managers who were instantly warm and welcoming. I felt unsure at first because I had never done anything like this before, saying that in my interview even. I was greeted with reassuring words and examples of why that can be an advantage in social care.

I'm a South African from Johannesburg, more than 13 000 kilometers away. And yet I feel a sense of community with the people I work with and the people we serve. Ubu created an atmosphere where we can rely on each other and feel supported as well as supporting others. I found myself belonging to ubu quickly because of the diversity of staff backgrounds. You have to try hard to find two people the same here. I think Ubu looks for people who would always lend a hand, to complete strangers even and people who believe in doing the right thing, always. Those are values I share and I believe in.

I am incredibly thankful to Ubu for reaching out to me and supporting me to feel welcome when I come from seemingly halfway across the world, like I'm sure a lot of you are too. If you admire those same values and if you want to meet some incredible people in the process, then ubu is the place for you.


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