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Being ready for whatever might come

Recently British police forces, local authorities and ubu have posted stories on the internet encouraging citizens to prepare for life-changing events. Unforeseen emergencies and accidents, the results of political upheavals like ‘Brexit’ and potential environmental disasters are all challenges that we are likely to face to one extent or another in the future.

One widely shared idea was to ensure that we all have an serious unexpected event ‘Grab Bag’ ready for any eventuality. Our Services already have these prepared.

But there is another resource we might have forgotten or ignored – other people!

Building a speed of trust with the people you spend your time with – colleagues, family and friends is an obvious place to start but perhaps less obvious is getting to know people you don’t live and work around so closely.

By communicating clearly, taking the time to hear what other people are saying, understanding what is important to them, whether it’s their feelings, or specialist expertise they have that you might not possess, makes actively listening so important.

When we communicate openly and honestly with those around us, they are more likely to ‘be there’ for us when we need them the most. Getting to know other people can often offer up surprising skills, knowledge and different approaches to solving tricky problems.

It’s time to stand up with your colleagues, your friends and loved ones and start to include the people you usually ignore. You can make a huge difference by standing up when someone comes to talk to you. It shows, in a respectful and effective way that you are interested and ready to listen and interact with them.

You build trust simply by saying “Hello” and asking “How are you?” You’ll probably get some surprising responses, learn new ideas, get valuable support and directions all of which are likely to make you feel more relaxed and less anxious about the issues we face now and in the future.

Stop worrying and start being happy!

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