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  • Dorothy

Be Patient - Not A “Patient”

We are where we are ... so is this really the right time to fight a battle over who’s right and who’s wrong? Too much arguing weakens our resilience.

We are already battling against an unforeseen global enemy. Surely this is the time where the media, leaders of parties, public figures and public services should be rallying around working together helping the communities they serve.

Looking back on the Black Plague... the smallpox epidemics and many such outbreaks from which we have records of multi millions of people dying. Such deaths were in times where there was no democracy’s, no technology, no internet, no telephones, no planes, no Television, no radios, no NHS, no Welfare State, no Public Services, no supermarkets, no home deliveries, no vaccines nor ability to produce one and much more without than we have.

Today we see the likes of Captain Tom showing so many who should be leading us through this pandemic, how to lead and serve the people. Through his determination, character, and commitment to the cause of “helping the people stay safe” he patiently strides forwards with his “walking frame” determined not to let the front line down.

In doing so he has a purpose, a routine, a meaning in his life. He is making the best of this bad situation around us all whilst having a great experience in his life at the same time.

We need to take a leaf out of his book, have a mission in which we find a sense of purpose every day to enable us to “hope for the best, expect the worse and be prepared for what’s to come”.

Let’s use this time to be creative, challenge ourselves and acquire the patience needed to endure this outbreak and ensure that neither; ourselves, our loved ones, nor our communities fall to become actual “Patients”

Let’s all share with each other what we are doing to help this fight against Corvid-19 and strengthening our ability to be patient.


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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