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Arthur's Blog

ubu has had a massive impact on my life. After only being with the company for three months, I was invited to take part in a three-day residential induction in Hilltop Farm, Masham. It was at this training where, although I engaged in a number of exciting and thought-provoking activities, my biggest gain was making the acquaintance of Louise, who was there on only her sixth day with ubu (fate, perhaps?).

Following our meeting, we dated for a couple of years before moving in together and later went on a six-month trip around the world. After this, we decided it was time to settle down, and subsequently married two years later, then purchased our first home on Valentine’s day the following year.

Then, on the 20th December 2019, our lives changed forever. Arthur Scott Bilsborrow was born.

Becoming a father has changed so much more in my life than I ever thought it would. Putting aside the personal life aspect (or lack thereof), my interpretation of situations at work has dramatically changed.

From an enabler plus perspective, I’ve put an increased value in the key aspects of daily living; About reinforcing boundaries, taking care of the little things, putting myself in the shoes of the parents of the people we serve and thinking – Would I expect this or more for my child? Is my child safe and happy? Does their environment tell a story of their interests and desires? Is their life fulfilling and filled with meaningful activities?

From a management perspective it’s all this and more. I take the expectations I have for my own child and use these to communicate more effectively with parents; I sympathise with my staff’s needs and their desires to be at home with their children (Monday’s are especially tough for me!); And perhaps most importantly I ensure that I am open and honest with my staff team and ensure they understand why they should take these perspectives into account.

Even though Arthur is still at a very early stage in his life, I find myself having an indescribable amount of unconditional love for him – it has completely changed how I see the world! I only hope that I can continue to learn and grow with him and instil any lessons I gain from him within anyone I connect with, throughout ubu and my personal life.


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