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  • Theo Chatzakis

Angela Outcome Achievement

For many years Angela has shown different charities great support by holding events to help raise money for these.

When the Pandemic arrived Angela was set on hosting a charity event. She couldn’t achieve this due to keeping herself safe. Angela decided 2022 was going to be the year as restrictions were lifted, she had meetings and discussions with staff and planned this event.

Every week Angela collected donations and sold tickets to help raise as much as possible. She decided she would bake and friends would also bake and contribute on the day. The day before the event took place, Angela baked all day to make sure everything will be ready.

She attends a local friends group that plays bingo every Friday and is run by a local charity. However, since this has reopened the number of people attending has dropped and they are running at a loss. The lady who runs the group has told everyone she doesn’t know how long this will run due to losses. This was when Angela decided she would raise the money for the charity to help keep the group open.

Angela's event couldn’t have gone any better and she raised £162.00. She is really pleased with herself and looks forward to organising her next event.


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