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Affirming Our Foundations

Some time has passed since our inspiring management and leadership reflection "Affirming our Foundation" took place earlier this year. Our training event was located purposely in a medieval castle, a genuinely historic environment which helped all of us who were there to recognise and value the evolution of community life.

It mirrored a time when knights and castles served their kings and queens and when a feudal system employed peasants and vassals. While not being able to read themselves, uneducated people used the art displayed around them to learn and understand the meanings in stories…In those days everyone had a place and a role to play in the journey they called LIFE!

Our lively gathering successfully highlighted the merit and importance of our core beliefs and the key elements which today form the bedrock of our work:

Person-Led - Stress-free Environments - Safe Standards - Caring - Consistent -

Effective - Responsive - Rigorous - Well Led - Value-Driven – Disciplined -

Visionary - Promoting Well-Being, Happiness and Fun

We journeyed through a full curriculum packed with challenges and fun. The learning and experience gained presented us with lessons which committed us all to taking transformational cultural steps; living our values in real time; demonstrating discipline and the veracity of our vision in everything we do, even when no one is looking.

Those present shared the view that it was essential for members of ubu to commit themselves to the practice of being person-led at all times. In a world that is changing faster than ever around us, it is crucial that the values we have learned and so strongly believe in be applied to everything we do. By being respectful, well-disciplined and maintaining meaningful engagement we can each take responsibility for keeping ubu’s all-inclusive culture alive and strong.

Our hosts kindly provided us with the most perfect environment, historically rich, beautifully decorated and maintained. We were given first class customer service at all times demonstrating that quality and service doesn’t always have to be expensive. There were stories to be shared and lessons to be learnt for all of us there.

We focused on the importance of mindfulness and the need for this conscious approach to be adopted through everyday practice of positive psychology. It’s a way of bringing about a real change in the emphasis of our community’s culture, reflecting positively the experience of happiness and well-being.

We saw how trust is difficult for each one of us. Nevertheless it is a skill that is essential to master if we are to enable those we serve to live a meaningful and happy life. A new tool for understanding our behaviors and habits, establishing trust with speed and honesty was introduced. It taught us that we all need to actively affirm with humility, our own trustworthiness and establish lasting trust from others.

By simply defining ‘trust’ as the belief that someone is reliable, good, honest and effective we recognised that the success of our work depends on the engagement of trust. We all recognised that challenging what is unjust is fundamental to what we do and lives in our hearts inspiring us to continue.

We are united in pledging trust for each other and in our commitment to being person-led in everything we do. ubu will be proactive in the support and enabling we provide to ensure safe, meaningful and happy lives for each of the people we serve so that they can reach the outcomes and goals that they wish and aim for.

Working together, the team "Affirming Our Foundation" echoed a strong, solid and united person-led service base-line. At a time of discord in politics and the economic challenges we face, the team joined together to rise above the negatives. We will provide proactive solutions to obstacles which stand in the path of the people we serve when and where needed, believing soundly that …

"ubu’s robust!

Challenging the unjust!

Everybody says its trust! – trust! - trust!"

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