• Dorothy

Affirming Our Foundations

Some time has passed since our inspiring management and leadership reflection "Affirming our Foundation" took place earlier this year. Our training event was located purposely in a medieval castle, a genuinely historic environment which helped all of us who were there to recognise and value the evolution of community life.

It mirrored a time when knights and castles served their kings and queens and when a feudal system employed peasants and vassals. While not being able to read themselves, uneducated people used the art displayed around them to learn and understand the meanings in stories…In those days everyone had a place and a role to play in the journey they called LIFE!

Our lively gathering successfully highlighted the merit and importance of our core beliefs and the key elements which today form the bedrock of our work:

Person-Led - Stress-free Environments - Safe Standards - Caring - Consistent -

Effective - Responsive - Rigorous - Well Led - Value-Driven – Disciplined -

Visionary - Promoting Well-Being, Happiness and Fun

We journeyed through a full curriculum packed with challenges and fun. The learning and experience gained presented us with lessons which committed us all to taking transformational cultural steps; living our values in real time; demonstrating discipline and the veracity of our vision in everything we do, even when no one is looking.