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Achieving what you ask for

Recently we have seen how incredibly positive outcomes can be by working together as a unified team of committed people. We have also been shown how difficult it is to reach goals when there is a poor understanding, communication and lack of agreement about what needs to be achieved.

The rescue of the young people in Thailand from a deep, dark cave has been inspiring. It combined careful assessment of what was needed, meticulous and detailed planning with positive professional behaviour and skilful enabling.

These are the same tools that inspire ubu to help the vulnerable people in our care reach the level of independence they dream of. We are committed to helping them celebrate their achievements and ensuring that they have the best resources available in place to meet their needs and help them reach the next stage in their journey.

By observing with compassion, listening with an open mind and engaging effectively and honestly, the people ubu supports are enabled each and every day to succeed in achieving realistic goals. Those successes might sometimes seem small but they are never insignificant because by being enabled to reach greater independence than they had yesterday, each person can make huge steps towards achieving the kind of life they dream of.

We work together as a team to ensure that the people we serve can transform their lives using the specific and tailored skills they are being taught and mentored in. Some of these tools can also help them to act on patterns of behaviour which can sometimes restrict them.

When we understand how a negative attitude, action or approach can disable and dis-empower an individual we have a first step to transforming a persons life. Through careful and thorough assessment we build a tailored programme of practical teaching and positive encouragement. This approach is often as much about the needs of the people we work to support as it is to ensure that those engaged in enabling them are at all times meticulous, professional and caring in everything they do.

At ubu we are constantly assessing, planning and ensuring that each person we serve can rely on our support and care however large or small their need might be. We do this through rigorous observation, robust and thoughtful auditing of outcomes, analysing and recording how their life-changing results have been achieved.

Those served by ubu do not expect to be 'rescued'. They are aiming for liberation from the darkness of being ignored, mistreated and restricted from reaching their full potential as citizens. They rightly assume that with support from ubu, the very best and most appropriate care and support is always available to them. As a team, we seek to find the most effective ways for each person to communicate and to become engaged in the process ensuring that they have confidence in knowing that their 'voice' will always be heard and their feedback respected and acted on.

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