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A whole new world

Is this the way forward? I think so. Over the past few weeks we have changed the way we do things whether we want to or not. Some of it has been a challenge, helping staff through the journey of online sessions. Watching people with cameras upside down and back to front. Being able to see only part of someone’s face, either the eyes or the mouth People talking but not unmuting their microphone. Then asking them to mute this. Do you know I spend some of the session asking people to either unmute their microphone, mute their microphone or place their camera correctly? A large of part of what we do is about engagement and how we can engage everyone in learning and development. Sometimes when I look at everyone concentrating so hard it can be hard to gauge, are people engaged with this session, do they want to be here? I have to say that nearly all staff that have attended a session have participated and are enthusiastic about their learning, listening intently and answering questions when asked. What I want to know is what happens when the learners go back into service? What happens with their learning, does anyone check?

I have learnt that yes, you can achieve engagement with this type of training, you still need to observe body language, actively listen to what people are telling you, and smile (sometimes I forget but so do the learners!)We all have to be creative in some way, from dealing with anxieties of the people we serve and staff and caring enough to try new things.

Does this look familiar? Does anyone know what this is?

It’s a values cocktail put together with the values of the learners who attended a new member induction course. Granted it isn’t a cocktail glass, but I had to improvise. This is a cocktail of the things we value put together from a new member induction. The group had many values that were important to them and I have named just a few, respect, care, honesty hope and many others. What do you value at this time, what value would you put into the cocktail?

Jackie Batey


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