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A New Beginning

At ubu, we have always welcomed change, innovation and flexibility in meeting the needs of the vulnerable people we support. As an organisation, we are committed to promoting innovation, realistic and agile approaches to solving problems, meeting need and enabling potential. We are responsive, always ready to help people to achieve bold outcomes they once only dreamt of.

We take these objectives seriously. How could it be any other way?

As individuals and as a Team we are adamant in ensuring we fully deliver the service we say will at all times. We stand up with those we care for with integrity, respect and compassion at all times. These are not simply eloquent phrases and easy slogans, they are the living values and vision that we base our practice on as people.

With every New Year we all look forward optimistically, hoping for a better future. This new year has begun with a fresh Parliament of elected Members. They have promised to work for resolutions to issues which have had such a discordant and divisive effect on the people of our Nation. We trust them to deliver their manifesto assurances, honourably and to the best of their ability. We expect them to take the lead in facilitating reconciliation and positivity for all citizens of our society, no mater what their ability or background.

In ubu, our new beginning in 2020 is to understand with even more vigour and clarity than before, what we are being asked to accomplish by those we work with. We have undertaken this mission by consulting at every level, both the people we work with and those who deliver care and enabling support to them. By actively listening, analysing and acting on what we have been told, ubu has made positive and substantial improvements to the ways we communicate. We have reviewed and updated our policies and procedures and integrated those changes in our professional practice to meet the exacting needs of those we care for.

During the past year in politics we have heard excuses and misinformation and through our digital networks we’ve experienced at times a lack of transparency and integrity. But perhaps, most disturbingly, within organisations we trust to care for others, we have been shocked and horrified by evidence of a disregard for basic Human rights and decency. We have witnessed devasting failures to protect vulnerable individuals from bullying, abuse and incarceration.

At the heart of ubu’s new beginning in 2020, is the commitment to meet every challenge face on with courage, honesty and audacity, never compromising our standards and principles. We proudly assert that ubu will continue to ensure that every one of our Team members delivers the care and support we promise to those we serve. We will achieve this responsibly, realistically and humanely, by listening, teaching, enabling and standing up with those society has forgotten and abandoned.

Wishing you and your loved ones the very best wishes for this New Year.


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