Stephen Loughran

I have been a part of ubu’s Enabling team for nearly a decade. One of the things I like most about working for ubu is that no two days are ever the same. We serve a very diverse and incredible group of people, I am proud to be a part of ensuring that we enable and support each and every one of them to have opportunities to achieve their goals and to find their place in their own communities.

In the past I have experienced worry and fear, especially when my wife passed away and I wasn’t sure that I could cope as a lone parent. What I discovered during that time was how much ubu as an organisation cares about each member of its team and that helped to improve my self-belief and confidence in my own abilities. As a ubu Enabler you are never treated just as a number, each of us is valued and nurtured by the people we work alongside. This is of course reflected in the way we serve the people we are here to enable and care for too. ubu is always striving for new and innovate ways to find the very best ways to deliver support to everyone it touches.