Louise Nash

I’ve worked for ubu for over two decades! I like working for ubu because of the people I work for (the people we serve) and the people I work with (team members).  Although there are times when what I do can feel really stressful, there is always someone who can put a smile on my face.  Whether this is one of the people I’m enabling to achieve a goal perhaps by simply giving me a welcoming smile when walk into their home, and sometimes it might be a colleague who will give me a few words of support when I most need it.

The best thing about ubu is that it is a forward-thinking and fast-moving company to work for. ubu has supported me to grow and develop as a person and not to be afraid of change but to see that it is a positive and good thing for everyone involved. I have worked within many different settings supporting the people we serve to gain the confidence and skills to achieve the things they want to do in their lives and to participate and contribute positively to their community.