John Curtis

I had worked in the care support field for other providers for some years before coming to ubu nearly four years ago. The companies I had worked for in the past would often claim that they were ‘customer-centred’ but when you lifted the veil, the truth is that it was just lip service. What impressed me the most when I came to work for ubu was that the people we serve are at the heart of everything we do. ubu is a person-led organisation which truly recognises that they must each have the opportunity to take the lead in saying what they want from our service.

I like being able to rely on the network of professional and highly trained people I can call on to support me in my role. I know that qualities such as honesty, compassion, being able to think on your feet, adaptability and patience all contribute to ensuring that the service we offer to vulnerable people is the very best available. Working for ubu has given me the opportunity to apply those qualities and to hone my management skills through specific and carefully planned training and experiences working in a variety of services.