Jacqui Ternent

I like working for ubu because it has a vision about how to support and enable people towards living with meaningful independence. This is something which is almost unapparelled when compared to working within traditional residential care. I know that ubu does not just say things to impress people, it says what it means and does what it says it will do, every time.

ubu is an innovative and forward thinking company. These qualities are demonstrated by the passion, excitement and involvement of every single one of our team members. ubu has developed the best in me over the relatively short time I have been with the company. It has given me the opportunity to expand my role and enabled me to increase my knowledge and experience. It has given me the chance to work alongside fellow team members who have supported and shown me the ubu way of working in everything they do and say.

As an Enabling Manager, I know how important qualities such as being approachable, having patience, understanding and being passionate about what we do, can be. When these qualities are combined with being adaptable, caring, positive, trusted as a team player and having a sense of humour, we are better able to give the best possible service to those who we are here to care for.