Hi. My name is Catherine, but my friends call me Penny.

I lived at my old house since 1996, which I shared with three men. I like a lot of attention and felt I had to compete with the three of them all the time, which made me feel very unhappy.

With my ubu support team, I moved out in August 2013 to live by myself. I chose the things that I liked for my new house, which is a small bungalow. It’s really lovely and I am very house-proud.

Thanks to ubu, I am in control and can express myself much more now. I enjoy having outings on the bus, or on the train, and having a nice walk in the town. Shopping and looking at clothes are my favourite things to do -- apart from going out for lunch of course! – and I love chatting or just saying “hello” to people.  I enjoy looking after my new house and do some of the chores with support from my enablers. 

One of the surprising things is that I watch films now and enjoy them right through, which I didn’t do before. I must be well-settled, as before I could get bored very quickly. I also like pamper sessions… you know, having my nails and hair done, and using the foot spa. I especially enjoy having a right good boogie. Whether it’s at home or out I don’t care, I just like to dance.

Since moving into my own place, I have regular visits from my family and recently went to a BBQ with friends. I am full of life and my enablers can see big changes in me, and how much more settled I am in my new home. 

ubu has helped my arrange a holiday, and I am busy getting ready for the trip. I just hope they have plenty of energy where we’re going, ‘cause I plan to boogie like no one is watching!