Hi. I’m Kristofer.

I started my ubu journey in July 2013 when I moved to supported living in York. Like everyone here at the support, I was encouraged to set myself some bold goals, which my enablers and I can work on achieving over the next coming months and years.

Most of us enjoy indulging in foods that, although are very tasty, can be harmful if eaten in excess. This was a problem I had, and I came to ubu quite overweight.  I learned that if I continued to eat as I did, it could lead to serious health problems. So I set myself the challenge of losing weight, and with the help of staff, created a plan of action. 

I started by writing a three-week menu planner which contained healthier foods which I chose, and put more emphasis put on portion control. I also set out to become more active by going swimming every week with staff, and playing football out in the garden when the weather is good. Being in York I walk all the time, which is another great way of being active. I walk to the local superstore every Wednesday with staff for my weekly shop, which is a good 20 minutes’ journey, and to my various actives in the week, getting another 30 minutes of exercise every day. 

With support’s help, I check my weight regularly, plot my progress, and see the results. Due to all the measures put in place by my team and the hard work I’m putting in, I have lost over a stone! Not only that, I continue to lose more every week.

I am proud of my achievements so far, and so is the ubu support staff. I am determined to reach my goal of living healthier, and to buying new, more slimmer-fitting clothes -- like my favourite football team’s kit -- as a reward.