June moved house to a new uStep service this year and as part of this fantastic life change she expressed her desire to vote in an election for the first time. June spoke to ubu about the logistics of this; what it would entail and the importance of voting, following which she was supported to contact North Yorkshire County Council to obtain a voter registration form at her new address.

The forms were sent out a few weeks later and following a swift completion and return it wasn’t long before June received the confirmation she had been waiting for: “You are now a registered voter”.

Her polling card was sent out along with instructions explaining that she could vote in the 2nd May local council elections. Though this date clashed with a college course June attends she said “I want to vote, I want to go this Thursday and have my say”. She contacted the college and in fact was able to work her course around the polling times; June made all of this possible thanks to her commitment to placing a vote – knowing that this will let her voice be heard and really help make a difference to the wider community.