Halcyon Days (Enjoy the ride)

There’s no sense to feeling miserable

I spent emotion before I came

Passed around with no purpose

I longed to take the ride

When things went wrong

I struggled to be strong

I needed somewhere to belong

Looking past the past

It’s the future I longed to reside

A warm place to lay my head

And my own oven to bake my bread

If truth be known I longed to live alone

The key to my castle, the end to my hassle

With nurture in abundance

When in need my staff team aware of my furrowed delight

I may live alone but this only relative to my home

I know where to come to put things right

This can be right now or in the middle of the night

The future is bright, my eyes are alight

Cascading emotion throughout the night

My happiness now is out of sight.

Good times aside I exist in anticipation of this… My finest ride