Hello. I’m Joseph and I live in York. When I moved in and started to work with ubu, I set myself the goal of being able to travel to and from the various activities I attend on a daily basis. This was an achievable goal, but would require hard work by both myself and my enabling team. 

I started by walking with support to a particular location, with staff pointing out specific landmarks and streets which I could reference and remembered for when I would be walking on my own. Staff then encouraged me to lead the way, only helping me when I needed, but ultimately allowing me to take control. We also used the Internet to search and create maps to my desired locations, and then printed and laminated them so I could take them along whereever I went. I now use all of this and make my own way to activities, with the only obligation being to make sure I tell the shift leader when I am leaving, and phone them on arrival so that they know I made it safely.

My main form of transport was usually by walking or taking the bus. By setting up a system in this way, I grew to be comfortable and confident, and became more and more independent with every trip. However since Christmas, I’ve added another mode of transport to his list. I bought a new bike! The ubu staff worked with me to make sure I was safe to bike unsupported, with my enablers traveling with me for the first couple of weeks until I was confident enough to travel on my own. All this allows me to choose how I want to travel to all my activities, and gives me the freedom and independence that comes with it.