In January 2013 I moved from a shared house to my very own flat.  Since moving I have found a new lease on life and been going out, which is something I have not done in many months.

On Monday 13th May I had a GP appointment for a check-up which I attended with support from ubu. Although this may seem a small step, I have not attended the surgery in over 4 years as I was not confident enough to do so. My confidence is something that affects me on a daily basis and this is what has often discouraged me from taking that first step out of the door. However with my own determination and some encouragement I did it! I feel that now I have been once I am happy to attend again, which in turn has boosted my confidence in other areas.

This was a huge step forward for me in achieving my goal of becoming more independent. I now feel more at ease it makes me feel good to know that from now on I will be going to see my doctor, rather than my doctor having to come and see me.