I have been part of the ‘Harrogate Skills 4 Living’ course for some time now but recently something very out of the ordinary happened on one of my trips there. One of the people I work with, Stephanie, asked me during one of my activities if I would like to meet the Duke of York. As a huge follower and supporter of the Royal Family I at once said that I would love to. I felt so excited as I am a huge fan of the good work our monarchy do and would now be able to meet one of them in the flesh. So Stephanie, ubu and I worked together to organise the trip and plan the day.

The day I was due to meet The Duke of York finally arrived. My enabler and I arrived at the Mansion House in York and were given a badge with our names on it before being shown to a room and told where to sit. Next, we were offered a cup of tea and then we had some of the buffet that was provided for lunch. We enjoyed our lunch and then we watched a wonderful choir before being split up into groups.

Finally the time came and The Duke of York entered the room. He took the time to shake hands with everybody. I felt a bit nervous at first but was very happy to meet him. This was a big moment for me and something that will stay with me for a long time. Overall it was a brilliant day and I had a fantastic time. It’s not often you get an opportunity of this kind and so it is something I will always remember.